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  Founded in 2004, Suzuki Marketing is an international marketing organization. Our roots are in wine distribution, marketing and public relations, but as we've grown, we've found audiences in Japan for new products, and audiences in the United States for high-quality, low-production Japanese sake, shochu and whisky. In addition to import/export for our client portfolio, we also work with corporate clients in the US and Asia on food, beverage, technology and consumer products.
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  Wine, spirits, sake and shochu?
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To create long-term and profitable opportunities for our clients — and deliver their products to an audience of consumers who expect quality — by providing well-thought out and executed marketing, sales, and communications strategies.

Products:  To import, export, and market the best wine, sake, & spirits to people who want the best, wherever they happen to be.

Services: To create and maintain new and ongoing communications strategies for our clients and partners in new and existing markets.

Partnerships: To create loyal, long-term relationships with producers, distributors, and consumers.

Passion:  You can't make the finest wine, sake, whisky and shochu without passion.   We strive to bring that passion to our partners and consumers worldwide.

Success:  To create a working and creative environment that helps our employees and partners learn, create and succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.

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